Fake Faces for Subjective Testing

This page provides the download link for the dataset used for the following paper at QoMEX conference 2019:

A. Khodabakhsh, R. Raghavendra, C. Busch, “Subjective Evaluation of Media Consumer Vulnerability to Fake Audiovisual Content”, QoMEX, 2019. [PDF]

Please find the download code using this link.

We kindly invite you to take the subjective test as well. It takes around 40 minutes and supports us tremendously our research.

The dataset is downloadable by dragging the .csv file onto the .bat file in windows and .sh file in Linux. For further information about the software requirements please look at the readme file included.

Please feel free to contact me at ali.khodabakhsh@gmail.com if you face any issues. Note that some of the videos might be unavailable at the time you download the data.

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